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      About Us

      Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is an integrated enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales related to the manufacturing of Chinese herbal extract and Chinese herbal medicine slices import and expor   t. Our company covers a total area of over 130000 square meters, and the total buliding area is more than 45,000 square meters.Tianhua Pharm owns more than 300 employees, including more than 60 professional technical personnel, and a number of experts composed of professional R&D team.

      Our company has 3 GMP certified production workshops, 1 GSP certified warehouse, 2 C-level laboratories, 1 provincial standardized research center and 4 GAP standard planting bases.We have realized the industrial chain layout from ecological planting, scientific procurement to processing and production, all links have the ability of independent inspection.Tianhua pharmaceutical has passed GMP, GAP, GSP, ISO9001, NSF, non-GMO, HALAL, ISO22000, Kosher and so on,the domestic marketing has been throughout the country of a number of large and medium-sized cities,In addition, it has founded long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of domestic enterprises of medicine, food, health care products and cosmetics.To better service overseas customers, we have  established a subsidiary company-Nutrimark Inc. in California.

      Tianhua pharmaceutical has been adhering to the business philosophy of "conducting business with integirty, flouring company with specializtion".On the basis of inheriting and developing the processing technology of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the "quality-basied, service-oriented" spirit of enterprise,committed to the development of new products and production process of continuous improvement and innovation,the company adheres to the concept of open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development, and is willing to work with friends from home and abroad to make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.

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